Swim Caps for Big Hair and Recommendations

Triathlon Event  i am a guy with long hair and have trouble finding a cap that stays on. I heard there are bubble caps with straps. Do you have a recommendation? Thx.

Keylee from California

Triathlon Event  Hi Kaylee,
Thank you for contacting!

Normally people can get away with a Latex, Fabric or Silicone cap with no problems. You must have a lot of hair, so here are some links to different caps with straps. Shoot us a picture with it on if you decide to buy it so we know if we should recommend it again.

Be well.
~Jack staff


The Barracuda hothead was a little tight (the velcroix strap was very hard to secure) and would probably be too warm for the pool swimming I do.

The swimcap with chin strap stayed on (I actually wore this one in the pool) but because I didn’t want the strap to be uncomfortably tight it seemed to let more water into the cap

The textured surface of the cap is a bit feminine looking. I think the Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide Silicone Swim Cap with ear covers which I tried before will be the best solution for me. I wanted to see if there was something out there better for me.

Thanks again for the referrals!

Take care, Kal

  Hi Kal,

We appreciate your review and we’ll post your recommendation of the Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide Silicone Swim Cap so that others can learn from your experience!

Please email again with any questions or recommendation you learn as you may your way through your triathlon experiences.

Be well.
~Jack staff Recommended Resources:


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