"Throw Away" Shoes for Swim to Bike (T1)

Triathlon Event  My first sprint tri is coming up. the distance from the transition area to the bike mount is very far, around 200 yds or more depending on where my spot lands. It is a paved road. Should I run this distance in my cycling shoes, or go in socks/barefeet and put the shoes on at the mount point?

Warren from New Hampshire

Triathlon Event  Hi Warren,
Thank you for contacting!

Great question!!!!

Our suggestion is to leave some “throw-away” slip on shoes somewhere you can find them when you exit the water. Remember that you will have sandy feet, so you want something that can be put on and taken off easy. We call them “throw-away” because people lose sight of them frequently and the race officials end up throwing them away when the race is finished.

Personally, I’ve always found my “throw-aways” and it has made a huge difference because my feet aren’t tough enough for road or off-road running.

So, after your “throw-aways” are on, head up to the transitions, step into your bucket of water, stuff your nice clean feet into your cycling shoes and off you go.

Be well.

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