Training for Marathons and Triathlons Simultaneously

Triathlon Event  I am training for a tri in about 7 months, but first have a marathon in 3 months so am trying to adapt my schedule to fit both sessions.

On one particular day a week I often end up with a swim and a long run. Due to time constraints, the run follows the swim by about 30 mins. I find that after the time in the pool I am really hungry, but since it is my long run day, I need to eat properly before setting out on my run in order to fuel correctly through the run.

I am battling to get the balance right with eating enough after my swim that doesn’t then irritate my stomach during the run. what should I be eating and what should I be avoiding? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Jocelyn from Mexico City

Triathlon Event  Hi Jocelyn,
Thank you for contacting and, holy crap, you are one ambitious chick!!!

In all honesty, this is a very tough question as our staff really only has first-hand experience with triathlons. We did some research online and found these outside resources that we’re sure will either give you the answer or point you iin the right direction to find your answer pretty quickly:


Discussion Boards: If the exact answer you’re looking for isn’t on there, we suggest that you join the discussion and pose the question to the group.

Best of luck and please let us know how both go! We’re sure that there are others that could really be inspired by your marathon/triathlon success story!

Be well.
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