Training for Your First Triathlon

Triathlon Event  Hello, I was looking to get in better shape so I am training for my first triathlon and I have seen noticeable progress in my swim and bike endurance but I am not making strides in the run portion. I am not a huge fan of running so I am just trying to figure out how I can make this portion easier for myself. Do you have any tips for how to increase running endurance while still fitting in the rest of the workouts? Right now my routine is M-Strength Training, T- Swim, W-Bike, Th-Run, F-Brick, S-Swim, Sun-Bike. Thanks!

Courtney from New York

Triathlon Event  Hi Courtney,
Thank you for contacting!

This is a great question and you have a few valid concerns.

We appreciate you sending along your training schedule and think we can pinpoint the problem you’re having with your run. You are working out 7 days per week and that is way too much to expect from the muscles in your body. You absolutely need to allow your body to rest in order to make progress in all three of the disciplines.

We spoke with a local massage therapist to find out the technical reason why making sure you have recovery days are so important. She told us that when you work out, you create micro-tears in your muscle, which breaks down the muscles creating stiffness and soreness.

This is a normal body reaction. As the micro-tears heal, your muscles become stronger giving you stamina to sustain future workouts with less soreness and stiffness.

This is why Triathlon Trainin Guides are not designed to have you working to your max 24/7. You need to have recovery days to allow your muscles to rebuild and re-energize. Without rest days, you can seriously injure your muscles which will be more painful and keep you sidlelined for a longer period of time.

We suggest that you take a look at the Triathlon Trainin Guides we have listed and pick one that you think willwork for you (they’re all great). Once you begin training you’ll find that your swim, bike AND run will all begin improving.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Be well.

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