Tri Suits vs. Swim Suits

Triathlon Event  I’ll be competing in my first Mini Tri in June. The swim leg is in a pool, do you recommend wearing a tri suit or my reg. suit and just put biking and then running shorts on during the transitions. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Valerie from Colorado

Triathlon Event  Hi Valerie,

Thank you for contacting!

We think that you should wear whatever is most comfortable for you, whether it be the tri suit or your regular suit. We’d lean in favor of whatever suit you already own beucase, who knows, you may do one and then decide you want to focus all of your efforts in tackling the new York Marathon. We know it’s not a decisive answer, so we listed some pros and cons so you can make a good decision:

  1. Tri Suits are more expensive than swim suits but keep it easy during transitions because you don’t have to deal with too many clothing issues. You just need to find one that fits well, allows you to dry quickly and breathes to keep your temperature comfortable.
  2. Swim suits are cheaper, dry quickly, can be less comfrotable on the bike an run and give you a few more steps changing during the transitions.

As a first-timer, be assured that you are going to learn a lot about your likes and dislikes. That’s when you should invest in the fun stuff!

Be well,
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