Triathlon Age Limits for Kids

Triathlon Event  My twelve year old daughter has read some articles in magazines and is interested in participating in a mini triathlon – is there an age limit for participation?

Susan from California

Triathlon Event  Hi Susan,
Thank you for contacting!

We’ve had a handful of kids email us over the last few years and are so excited when we receive those emails. Knowing that there are kids out there who are so driven at a young age is just amazing and we’re really proud to help point them in the right direction!

Ironkids is an age-appropriate Ironman for children that sets the standards. We took a look at their website for age limits and here’s what we found:

Category Age Swim Bike Run
Junior 6-8 50 yards 2 miles 500 yards
Intermediate 9-11 150 yards 4 miles 1 mile
Senior 12-15 300 yards 8 miles 2 miles

Taken directly from the IronKids FAQ page.

We suggest that you head over to our Event page to find races in your area. Be sure that they have a children’s wave/heat before you sign up for it. It’s not a guarantee; some do and some don’t. If your daughter has been training for a few months already, you’ll want to pick a race asap. The good ones tend to sell out pretty quickly. If she still needs to train, we suggest that you pick something in the fall, winter or maybe next summer.

We are thrilled to see children like your daughter show interest in triathlon.  In addition to being great for their activity and fitness levels, it means that we have new people exploring the sport and that the future of triathlon may have participants at all age levels.

Thanks for the question!

Be well.
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