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Triathlon Event  Hello, I really like your website – it is exactly what I need!

just finished my first sprint triathlon at age 51. For the bike I used my hybrid bike. It was fine but it did show me that if I am going to continue I need to use a road bike to enjoy it more and improve my results. Where I live the outdoor training season is over and everyone is moving into indoor spinning classes using their own bikes and a trainer.

My friend gave me a Trek triathlon bike. I havn’t used it yet but would like to. She is about my height. I worked with a local coach for the summer season. He does not think I should use this bike – he has not seen it – but suggests that I use a spin bike at a gym for the winter and look at buying a road (not tri bike) in the spring.

I do want to take the next step in training but I also need to be realistic in the expenses I incur. I should mention that this coach is also part owner in a retail shop that sells bikes. Why is using the tri bike not a good option for me? I understand that I would need to tune and fit it. I hope I have given you enough and relevant info to go on. Thanks for any help you can give.

Jean from North Carolina

Triathlon Event  Hi Jean
Thank you for contacting and thank you for the kind words regarding our website!

You’re in a tough position because a professional gave you professional advice and your gut is saying something completely different to you.

Here’s our advice: Talk to the coach and ask him the specific reasons why a Trek Triathlon Bike is not a good fit for you. If they make sense to you and your pocketbook can handle the expense, purchase a new bike based on his recommendation. You can always buy it at a different bike shop if you are uncomfortable buying it at his shop.

If the reasons do not make sense to you or you really feel there is a self-serving purpose motivating his advice, then go with your gut and train with the Trek. Treks are fantastic road and triathlon bikes.

The bottom line is, it’s the bike YOU will be riding and you want it to be something you trust, feel safe riding and feel fast on! If you feel you were manipulated into buying it or have doubts with it, you will never be 100% happy with your ride.

BTW, if you go with the Trek Triathlon Bike, be sure take it to your local bike shop (go small business), have them fit it to you and give it a maintenance check. You want to be sure that you have a great first ride so it sets the tone for many more to come!

Be well,
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