Triathlon Bikes for Big Guys

Triathlon Event  i am starting to train for a mini triathlon and i am a bigger person. 6’4′ 250 pounds. i have looked into trek bikes and wanted your opinion on what a good bike would be for someone my size. i also would like this bike to be able to go off roading if possible. thanks for any advice you can provide.

Bill from Tennessee

Triathlon Event  Hi Bill,
Thank you for contacting and welcome to the world of mini-triathlons!

First off, treks are great bikes! They have a mountain-bike light-weight version that could be a great option for you.

One suggestion we always make when recommending a bike to a beginner triathlete is to go to your local bike shop and talk with one of the sales people there. Having you there in person, they will be able to size you up and find the right fit for your height, weight and proportions. Be sure to tell them that you will be using this as an off-road bike and for triathlon-racing so they can give you the best options. (Remember, we support small businesses because they are interested in a long-term relationship with their customers and are usually cyclists themselves with great advice to offer.)

Also give them your price-rage. There are fantastic options in the lower, medium and high ranges that will keep you very happy. We suggest that you initially invest frugally so that you can test the sport out without breaking the bank. Once you’re hooked, you can upgrade to a better model.

Let us know what you end up with and we’ll pass the information on to the big guys who are checking out the website looking for a good pick!

Be well.
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