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Triathlon Event Hi, I just finished my first triathlon at age 51. I competed in the sprint distance. How long of a recovery should someone take after a race. Where I live the season is now over because of the weather. I have taken a few days to rest and stretch but am wondering is there a general rule about how long after a race you should wait before you get into regular workouts again? Thank you

Gene from Georgia

Triathlon Event Hi Gene,

Thank you for contacting and congratulations on completing your triathlon!

The average recovery time is from 6-10 days. Shorter distance races and younger people will have less time to recover where longer distance races and older people will have more. And if one skips the recovery stage altogether, he risks injury as his muscles have not had time to rebuild and broken down muscles can only produce for a limited time.

Based on the limited info you provided us (your age), we suggest you aim for the 7-10 day recovery by stretching, getting good sleep and eating healthy foods. You can decide, based on the distance, where you fall in that 3 day window.

On a personal note, I would always schedule a massage after every triathlon as a reward for completing another triathlon and as a way to recover so I could get back to my triathlon training. You can still continue to do some training, but really focus on what the recovery time is for — Rebuilding your muscles — and that takes nutrients and rest.

Be well.

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