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By Mark Winholtz

Triathlon Inspiration  It all started when I turned 50, eight years ago. My three girls were grown and I had spent 12 happy years coaching them through slo-pitch softball. We had three shelves full of trophies from various tournaments and I was SO envious. I played football, basketball and baseball in high school but was average and never won anything. What I wouldn’t give for a trophy!

But what to do? Bowling? Yuk! Track and field? Full of ex-olympians (as was swimming). Maybe a multisport event… I could be average in all three and maybe still excel…

September 2003 – my first triathlon – I died (another story!). Two months later I did the now-defunct AARP Tri in Florida and lo and behold, what came in the mail a few weeks later but a plaque for 3rd place in the First Timer Division. I was hooked!

Seven years and 142 events later, I do have my share of what my wife calls “trinkets”. My favorite is a 3″ high sea shell from the Conchman. There are plates, cups and ribbons, all of which motivate me to add to the collection. For years I have coveted the miniature fort from Fort De Soto and the slab of granite from Minnesota’s Graniteman, but look out – I turn USAT 60 next year! Recommended Resources:


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