Triathlon Swimming Tips

Triathlon Event  Hey, I recently decided that I want to start training for triathlons. Right now I have been running 5ks for about a year with a 10k thrown in there. I am pretty consistent on the bike in my cycling class, but swimming is the issue. Any tips for us newbies trying to come up with a training plan?

Nicolle from Texas

Triathlon Event  Hi Nicolle,

Thank you for contacting and welcome to the world of mini-triathlons!

Swimming does seem to be the most challenging part of a triathlon for most and we always suggest that you either train with a group, work with a coach or watch some training videos if you feel that you are not progressing to the point where you can keep up with whatever training manual you are using.

  • Train with a group: If you train with a group you have support, can get tips and can watch other swimming around you. It will also give you experience swimming with people around you; however, you still need open water experience.
  • Coach: If you hire a coach, you can gain valuable knowledge from a professional who can tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and valuable knowledge on how to do it correctly. You can hire the coach for four sessions; perhaps two at the beginning, so you can get the basics and two halfway through your training, so you know you are on track.

We hope this was helpful. If you are not using a training manual, we have some suggestions that are great!

Please let us know how your triathlon goes.

Be well.
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