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Triathlon Event  Hi, So I’m just now deciding to do my first Triathlon. I’ve been training crossfit and crossfit endurance for some time now to help me with my cardio since I fight MMA. I’ve been doing triathlon training for a while but never did one. So my question is, how long in between races is to soon? I’m hoping to do a sprint on Feb 18, then olympic on May 12, then another olympic July 28,then Sept 23 I want to do a 70.3 iron man.70.3 are called half iron mans right? Thank you very much.

Cody from Kansas

Triathlon Event  Hi Cody,
Thank you for contacting!

Wow, you have such ambition and drive with the schedule you have laid out for yourself, especially where this is your first time competing. Having a great attitude is half of the battle, so you’re halfway there!!!

Most people work on the training and completely forget about the journey from one race to the next. They schedule one race after the other, train really hard in between and don’t understand why their performances get progressively worse; or they injure themselves. That said, the schedule sounds fine if you work the “in-between time” correctly. Be sure to use a training manual for the actual triathlon training and check out this book on how to taper, apering and Peaking for Optimal Performance.

If you can balance the training with the tapering, we think you’ll do great! It is tough, so if you end up having trouble with it, we suggest that you join a triathlon training group or work with a triathlon coach. Where you seem to be a very dedicated athlete in your other sports, it might be a great idea to work with a coach so you can work to your highest potential. We have some fantastic coaches who write articles for us and we can give you some recommendations if you’d like to go that route.

Please let us know how your training and events go!

Be well.
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