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Tri Faster was started by professional triathlete Lauren Jensen and her husband Todd Jensen as a way to offer rookie and veteran triathletes a set of unique clinics and camps along with personal coaching. Our concentration is on our clinics, camps and mobile fitness apps, but some space is available for personalized coaching and one-time skill sessions or consultations. Visit us at to learn more!

ResourceMost of you have already completed your 2010 races and are enjoying the off season. Tri Faster has recently been bombarded with phone calls and e-mails asking us what is the best way to train in the off season. Therefore, we felt it is worthwhile addressing this as our training tip. Here are a few suggestions that will pay big dividends if you follow our advice:

  1. Set some outcome goals to focus your training – It may seem easier to think of race season goals since those goals are often centered around race results and times. However, it is critical to set training goals to ensure your off-season training stays on track. Sample training goals would include: improving your 500 swimming time trial by :20, improving your watts output over a given course by 5%, running :10 per mile faster at zone 2 heart rate, and strength training at least 30 minutes twice weekly.
  2. Work on your weakest sport – We have all heard this one before. You will make the most gains if you spend one extra training session per week in your weakest sport. Without the pressure of racing, now is the time to work on your technique. Have an experienced coach or personal trainer look at your swimming stroke, pedaling technique on the trainer or running form. Then do the prescribed drills and focused practice to make your movement more efficient. Economy of movement will translate to better speed come race season.
  3. Strength Training РHitting the gym is a MUST in the off season if you want to stay injury free and perform up to your potential. We recommend that you strength train 2x per week as a minimum in the off-season, but three times per week is ideal. Most likely your training volume will be lower right now, especially for cycling. This should give you the added time and energy for strength training. If you want some instruction or need motivation, we are currently offering a Tri Faster Boot Camp class on Sunday mornings with 60 minutes of challenging triathlon specific strength work.

Believe it or not, your 2011 season is made in the off-season. If you keep doing things the same way every year, you will eventually stop improving. So get off the hamster wheel and try at least one newthing this off-season to make your 2011 racing season the best one ever! Recommended Resources:


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