Triathlon Transition 1, from Pool to Bike

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Jaime Bennett Maceno – I am planning on doing my very first sprint triathlon in August. The swimming takes place in a pool. So my biggest question is about transitioning from the pool to the bike . I need a sports bra when I run so do I wear my sports bra under my bathing suit ??? Do u just park your bike somewhere and what tie your shoes to it ??? I have no clue what to expect. Help/Advice would be VERY appreciated.

one more thing. Where do u put your stuff ? Like towel , shoes i pod ect ?? Sorry for all the questions- I just want to make sure I do this right and it goes smoothly. – Hi Jaime, Congrats on your first Triathlon!

  1. Wear your sports bra under your swim suit.
  2. The organizers will tell you where to put your stuff. Check out “Race Day” for more details. Although it’s written for an outdoor tri, you will get many useful tips in the T1 and T2 articles.

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Jaime Bennett Maceno – Um yeah I guess you can interview me. I dout I will do very well time wise. I’m a pretty slow runner. But I will finish even if I’m the last to cross the finsih line. I’m no quiter. 🙂 The pool is outdoors it’s an olympic size pool. – That’s GREAT and you’ll do GREAt! Remember, only one person comes in first and then there’s the rest of us. Be sure to send us an email at so we can send you the questions

Jaime Bennett Maceno – ok sounds good. And thanks SO much for all the advice. Your website is AWESOME!!!! – Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the kind words regarding the website! Recommended Resources:


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