Using a Snorkle During the Swim Leg of a Triathlon

Triathlon Event  I am doing the half ironman in new orleans in a few weeks. I have problems with my calves during running with them tightening up so I wear zoot calf sleeves and they work pretty good. My question is that would it be ideal to wear the calf sleeves under the wetsuit for the swim leg or no? If I wear them and they absorb water during the swim would they be ineffective? I would like to cut down on transition time and they are a pain to put on.

Kody from Louisiana

Triathlon Event  Hi Liz,
Thank you for contacting!

Wow, what a great way for grandfather and grandson to accomplish together!

Our suggestion is to head over to our California Events page and find a couple of events that your father and son might want to compete in. Then call or email the race coordinators and find out if snorkels are allowed. Our guess is that if your father has a physical “handicap” (for lack of a better term) that prevents him for being able to turn his head, they will be fine with it. If they are not, then call the next one on the list.

We’ve actually never had this come up before, so please email us once you get your answer so we can post it for others.

Be well.
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