What to Wear in Cold Weather Triathlons

Triathlon Event  I have now done 2 sprint tri’s in just over 9 mths.. the Mt 1st Tri in Harrison Mills, BC- last summer, and the UBC Triathlon in Vancouver 2 weeks ago! Talk about opposites, on was 35’C (100F) the other was 0’C (-15F)!

I was very worried before the last one about what to wear in such cold weather, turns out it was pretty much the same as the hot weather one! I wore my Tri Shorts and Bra Top, and just threw on a Long Sleeved Wicking T shirt and my running hoodie. My Zoot Bra Top almost dried out on the run! Luckily it wasn’t raining (it had been snowing the week before, and raining all week, so we were blessed in that!).

At T1 i also changed from my swim shorts into dry running/ Bike Shorts as i didn’t want to freeze!.. I’m sure it cost me about 60 secs in T1, but i think it was a good idea as by the end of the bike i couldn’t feel from my knees to my toes WITHOUT them being wet, at least i could feel my butt! Before the race i was searching quite a lot on “what to wear in cold weather tri’s” and didn’t come up with much, so thought this might be good info for other newbies!

Doing another one in 10 weeks!

Louise from BC, Canada

Triathlon Event  Hi Louise,
Thank you for contacting!

Congratulations completing two triathlons in 9 months and good luck with the rest of your season. You seem to be off to a fantastic start!!!

We really appreciate your recommendations for cold weather triathlons! We’re sure our readers will appreciate it too!

Please email us again and tell us how the rest of your triathlons turn out. Your success story just might inspire another newbie to get up off the couch and try a triathlon!

Be well.
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