Where Do I Begin?

Triathlon Event  I haven’t officially started training for triathlons yet. I haven’t even figured out what kind of bike I am going to get yet. I am muscular and lean and from what my friends have told me that do mini triathlons, I have a perfect physique for triathlons. I am currently 6.1 and 190 lbs. If I get into this sport, I am not one to settle for just mini triathlons. I currently work out 5 days a week and run 8 miles a week. I figure I am averaging about 6 and a half minute miles. My question to you is should I get a book first and learn the ins and outs of training and dieting? I don’t want to get crazy on my first bike so I was thinking a Specialized would be a good beginner bike? Any thoughts would be appreciated.?

Chuck in New Orleans

Triathlon Event  Thanks for contacting and welcome to the world of mini-triathlons!

It sounds you are in great shape to begin training for any triathlon you choose to undertake. We agree with you — buy a good book and learn the ins and outs of what triathlons entail and then begin training. Here are the ones we have read and recommend: Recommended Resources:


Choosing a bike for a mini-triathlon is much easier than finding one for an Ironman, so you might want to consult with your local bike shop if you decide to go for the gusto. For a mini-triathlon you will be putting far less miles in training and competing than if you were training for an Olympic or Ironman race. You can pick a Specialized bike or any light-weight road bike (or off-road bike, depending on what tri you pick) that suits your liking. Personally, I have a Trek that cost me a buck-twenty and it has always treated me kindly. Going with a less expensive bike also gives you more freedom in how you grow in your triathlon journey. Should you decide that it’s not your thing, you haven’t invested a lot of moolah in a bike. Should you want to go for an Ironman, you can invest in an amazing bike that can take a beating and make you look like a superstar!

Feel free to email us with more questions or send us any information you feel can inspire a new triathlete.

Be well.

Niki Jamieson

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