Why Do You Tri? - Aida Franco

Triathlon Event

Well, I completed my first and only triathlon last year. I’m terribly out of shape but decided today to complete my second triathlon in August. I’m doing it to motivate me to get in shape again. I have not worked out since last June. Ii moved to another state and have been trying to adjust to my new surroundings. I am getting older and experiencing the middle age spread around my middle which aggravates me terrible. I am also an older parent. I had a late life baby and a special needs child, and I need to be healthy, strong, motivated, a good example and have physical and mental endurance for my child. I ask God to help me in my parenthood and to keep me healthy and strong so I can be around as long as I can for my son. Triathlons are a great motivator to get off my butt and start moving, living and being positive for me, my family and my son.

– Aida Franco

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