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In May of 2011, I decided to do my first sprint triathlon at age of 37. I have a 2, 3 and 4 year old and I have always tried to stay healthy throughout my life but now being blessed with a loving husband and 3 little ones looking and listening to everything you do and say, the importance of my health has taken on a whole other meaning.

I completed my first sprint triathlon then completed my first Olympic Distance 3 months later only to “tri” and take a step further to complete a Half Ironman Distance triathlon in October of the same year. I had my children and husband beside me the entire way. They high fived me at every transition and without them I could not have even thought about “trying” a triathlon.

I “tri” for a cause. My cause is to “tri” to be an example to the 3 blessings I have been given. I “tri” in order to be a better Mom, a better wife, a better sister and a better daughter. Healthy living brings healthy relationships with others and with yourself.

My family and friends are the most important things to me, and the longer I have to spend with them means even more memories and experiences to “tri” ! This is why I “tri”.

– Anita Pease

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