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Hi, I recently signed up to run my first tri, the Pewaukee, Wis., Sprint tri on July 8 (my 40th birthday). I’ve just started training for it, and I’ve been reading your site on and off for a few months. My wife bought me a training book with some 12-week training programs from Tom Holland.

I bought a new bike and started riding last summer until the weather here got bad, and I’ve been doing Wii Fit and EA Sports Active training since, with occasional indoor rides on the bike trainer. I also will be joining a nearby fitness center with a pool for swim training soon.

I’m likely about 60 lbs. overweight, and saw training for a triathlon as something exciting and motivating. I was a good swimmer in my teens, and I’ve loved riding my new bike recently. The run will be the biggest obstacle for me, slightly more than getting my stroke back in the water.

I’m not ready to be profiled yet, obviously as I’m not a triathlete yet. But I will try to keep good notes and take pics during training and on race day, and hopefully have a nice story to share with your readers.

– Brendan Dooley

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