Zoot Calf Sleeves in Water

Triathlon Event  I am doing the half ironman in new orleans in a few weeks. I have problems with my calves during running with them tightening up so I wear zoot calf sleeves and they work pretty good. My question is that would it be ideal to wear the calf sleeves under the wetsuit for the swim leg or no? If I wear them and they absorb water during the swim would they be ineffective? I would like to cut down on transition time and they are a pain to put on.

Kody from Louisiana

Triathlon Event  Hi Kody,
Thank you for contacting!

This is a great question and you have a few valid concerns.

For all of you reading this who don’t know what Zoot Sports Calf Sleeves are, they are “stockings” that compress the calf muscles to accomplish a few things:

  • They help prevent post-exercise soreness
  • They improve blood flow
  • They improve your body positioning because of the support they offer your lower legs

One of their best technical features is that they are made from moisture-wicking material that pushes any moisture (water and sweat) away from your calfs, which makes them great to wear and equally effective for all three legs of the triathlon. You do not have to waste time changing into them during T1; you can put them on before the race starts and wear them throughout the entire race comfortably.

If you are still concerned that they will not dry quick enough, add a full length wetsuit that covers your calfs for additional coverage of the area. That should do it!

As an aside, not all triathlons events allow wet suits. It will depend on the temperature of the water at race time, so bring the wet suit and ask when you get there.

We wish you the very best in your half ironman and hope that you will take time to tell us all about your experience. It may just inspire one more person to get off the couch and try a triathlon!

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Be well.
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