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Triathlon Bike Training Questions

Triathlon BikeBelow is an archive of all Bike questions we've recieved along with all of the Bike articles we've posted. We're sure they will answer a majority of your questions, if not all! Visit our Triathlon Bike Page for complete information on how to approach your triathlon Bike training and events.

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Bike ResourcesTriathlon ResourceOverthinking the Bike - I intend to do my first half ironman next year and I am studying the info on bike-drafting.

Triathlon ResourceTraining Bikes - Is ok to use a hybrid to complete some of my training rides due to the rough roads that I'm surrounded by.

Triathlon ResourceBiking: Enhancing Your Endurance - Find drills you can do on your spin bike.

Triathlon ResourceDon't Train Through Pain - Swimming was OK, but biking hrt, and I'd get a quarter mile into the run and be finished.

Triathlon QuestionNew to Triathlon Biking - Do you have any suggestions for someone who hasn't ridden a bike since she was 12?

Triathlon QuestionHow to Change a Flat Tire - I keep getting pinch flats so obviously I am doing something wrong.

Triathlon QuestionFoot Blisters, Avoiding and Taking Care of Them - But what happens when we don't think we've done something stupid and still get bilsters?

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Tips - We asked our readers to post triathlon tips on our Facebook page and here's what advice they'd like to pass on to you..

Triathlon QuestionSore Leg Muscles While Training - my leg muscles are constantly sore and tired.

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Training in the Extreme Heat - If you live anywhere in the USA right now, you're experiencing unbelievable heat. Check out these guidelines for training.

Triathlon QuestionSwim to Bike, T1 - For females - when you're done w/ the swim, do you change to biking clothes?

Triathlon QuestionClip-in Pedals vs. Basket Pedals - I really hate being attached to the bike..

Triathlon Resource1000 Small Chain Ring Miles - Learn how to transition small bike workouts to big workouts with ease.

Triathlon QuestionTapering for Triathlons - I wanted to know about tapering early in the season. Every program I have done shows about a week+ taper before a race

Triathlon QuestionZoot Calf Sleeves in Water - If I wear them and they absorb water during the swim would they be ineffective?

Triathlon ResourceHalfway through your first Triathlon Training - This is the first step in achieving what most of the population will never be able to do…SWIM, BIKE, RUN….back to back to back.

Triathlon QuestionDieting and Triathlon Training - My question is on the Zone Diet. Will I have enough energy for 530-6am trianing sessions?

Triathlon ResourceWhy Muscles Hurt After Working Out -- Nutshell Version

Triathlon NutritionNatural Cold Remedies
From Your Kitchen Cabinet

Triathlon ResourceThe Progression to Longer Distance Triathlons - A beginner triathlete guide to navigating triathlon distances

Triathlon ResourceRecovery & Sprint Triathlon - There have been several of you that have had questions on recovery following a sprint distance triathlon. Here are some basic guidlines to follow.

Triathlon InspirationTriathlon Song Video and Inspirational Triathlon
Words by the Songwriter

Triathlon ResourceRecovery is Key, A Detailed Strategy for the Beginner Triathlete - Nutrition, rest and hydration are major factors in any athlete’s program for success, but have you examined yours carefully?

Triathlon NutritionHow You Cook Effects How You Feel - With the cooling temperatures of Fall, the vegetables we harvest are ones of a more grounding and warming nature.

Triathlon ResourceBrick Training Basics for Beginner Triathletes - I am three weeks away from my first sprint triathlon. I have been training and am able to do the distance in each of the individual sports fairly comfortably.

Triathlon QuestionGet Rolling on Your Bicycle! If you are getting going on a training schedule that includes cycling at regular intervals, or have looked out the window and have seen the light, you will need to get that bicycle out from under any cobwebs or out from the dark corner it may have been parked in last year.

Triathlon ResourceThe Fourth Discipline – Mental Ability - so why was I only thinking negative thoughts and why did I have a sick feeling in my gut? Does this sound familiar? For most athletes this happens to us at least once before a big race.

Triathlon ResourceBreakthrough Bricks - The easiest way to get better at running after cycling is to practice. These challenging workouts are called bricks - you know, bike, run. Ick!

Triathlon NutritionEating for Sumer Health - Summer is nature's season of growth and maturity with an abundance of fruits and vegetables ripening in the sun. Nature's energy is effervescent, making it the season for us to engage in outdoor recreation and soak up solar power.

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Plan for a Healthy 2010 - I want to get healthier for the new year and maybe do a triathlon this summer. Do you have any suggestions that can help me?

Triathlon QuestionGale Bernhardt Training Programs - Help! My first triathalon is in October and I don't know where to begin when it comes to training. Do you have a beginniners training 3-month schedule?

Triathlon QuestionBiking Questions from a First-timer - I've been training hard for my first mini tri and since I don't live that far from the event site, I attempted a brick on the actual bike/run route. This was not my first brick, but I found the bike route to be incredibly challenging -- even though I have been doing some hill work in training previously.

Please take a few minutes to look through these articles and feel free emial us if you have any questions.

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Triathlon BikeBike - Learn how to structure bike workouts, find safety tips and read recommendations on great bike gear.

Triathlon RunRun - Get the ultimate skinny on running sneakers, running gear, safety tips and much more.

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Triathlon QuestionWhat to Wear in Cold Weather Triathlons - Recommendations from a reader.

Triathlon ResourceIs there a “type” of person that tends to do triathlon? Or, is triathlon one of those enigmas that allows and invites ALL types of folks to enjoy the same benefits that swimming, biking and running offer?

Triathlon QuestionTraining for your First Sprint/Mini-Triathlon - I was wondering what kind of time frame is needed for training before your first triathlon.

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Training Tip -
Off Season Training Focus

Triathlon QuestionBike and Swim Questions from a Newbie - I would like to start training for my first mini-triathlon. I'm a real beginner...

Triathlon QuestionBeginner Triathlete - Training in Five Months - I have been truly "bitten" by this thing they call the Tri-bug. I turn 40 next month and being shamefully honest I am in the worst shape of my life!

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Bike - What do I wear? We get lots of questions coming each week asking this very question, so we decided to put together a series of three articles outlining what you should wear during each leg of the triathlon.

Triathlon QuestionBike Shorts vs. Swim Shorts - Considering my first tri this summer. The swim will be in a pool. What to wear? They're will be no wetsuit. Bike shorts? w/no padding?

Triathlon ResourceCore Strengthening Exercises for TriathaNewbies - We challenge ourselves with triathlons, training year round to keep our aerobic levels and technical skills to a point where we can compete to our body's potential, but sometimes we forget that not all of our bodies are made for the wear and tear that accompanies such a demanding schedule.

Triathlon ResourceThe Sweat Test - How much should I drink during training or racing? There are literally thousands of articles on the web and in magazines regarding this subject, and most recommend somewhere between 16-24 oz of fluid per hour during heavy exercising. Is this enough? Is it too much?

Triathlon ResourceSeven Habits of Highly Effective Triathletes - OK, some of you might be "Accidental Triathletes", barely remembering how and why you got into this sport. For some of you, it may have become a way to stay fit, or you like the image or lifestyle or like the friends you've made along the way. Even so, the majority of you are still drawn by the competition and want to actually get better.

There are Newbies Starting Triathlons Every Day. Today Just Happens to be YOUR Day!

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Triathlon ResourcePennsylvania Triathlon - Connellsville Parks and Recreation Triathlon - Great sprint triathlon for beginners!

Triathlon ResourceNew York Triathlon - Brooklyn Sports Club Mini Indoor Triathlon - This unique indoor event is perfect for first-timers
Triathlon QuestionIs My Bike Ready for a Triathlon? ...My concern is I will start ramping up my training and my bike won't last...

Triathlon QuestionBuying a Triathlon Bike - Learn how to buy the right bike without breaking the bank from experts in the field

Triathlon QuestionRunning: Good for the Body and the Brain - Could running make you smarter? The answer may surprise you.

Triathlon QuestionWalking Instead of Running in a Triathlon - The race promoters presented an award to a 69 year old female who had had 2 knee replacements...
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Triathlon EventNew York Triathlon - Brooklyn Sports Club Mini Indoor Triathlon - This unique indoor event is perfect for first-timers

Triathlon EventGeorgia Triathlon - Tri for the Shelter Sprint Triathlon - USAT sanctioned, This triathlon takes place in the gorgeous Rocky Mountain Recreation...

    Triathlon InspirationMy First Triathlon, Nicholas D'Angelo - It was the end of my life as I knew it and the beginning of the beginning. I decided that I wanted to live. I wanted to be a better husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend...

Triathlon InspirationFirst Triathlon Story - Greg H. from Texas - just to raise your arms at the finish line and know that you accomplished a triathlon is such a great feeling.

Triathlon ResourceAge Groups - Can you tell me why the age groups are 25 to 34 ... while most races use 20 to 29, 30 to 39, and 40 to 49?

Triathlon ResourceWhat to Wear for a Triathlon - Is it insane to think I can bike/run in shorts and a sports bra that I swam in?

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