Race Day - Post, Post Race

By now, you have had time to relax after the race.  The next thing to focus on is your post-post race recovery.  A few tips:

  • Check the triathlon website. It should list your final time including the splits for your swim, bike and run. Copy them down into your results log to track your progress.

  • Evaluate how you feel.  Do you have any injuries?  Joint soreness?  Chafing or scrapes?  If so, attend to the injuries in whatever way has worked in the past.  Ice and heat can work wonders.

  • Eat normally, but don’t get caught in the trap of overeating.  Many triathletes and marathon runners get caught in the trap of gaining weight after the race, because they think they have a “free pass” for too long.


  • Don’t forget about your body.  Continue to drink lots of water — you probably lost much hydration during the race.  Stretch — a lot — for a day or two.  Your muscles will be abnormally tight.  This is also a great time to use a foam roller, or get a professional massage.
  • Quality pictures are normally taken by professional photographers along the route. The website should have a link to a page where you can enter your name and bib number to view the images. You can also order them for a ridiculous amount of money, but you’re worth it and you’ll only compete in your first triathlon once!

  • Congratulations! You are officially a triathlete!

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