Race Day - Post Race

  • Congratulate yourself! OR, let us do it, ” Well done!”, “Way to go!”, “Excellent!”.
  • Tell us about your first experience, and we’d be thrilled to post it on so others can be inspired.
  • Eat a bagel, power bar or piece of fruit (they give them out for FREE).

  • Talk to the other triathletes about your experience. The experience will be YOUR story to tell forever and will get better with time.

  • Take off your running gear, go over to the water and take a couple of strokes to warm and cool down. One of the best moments after a Triathlon is floating on your back in the water and thinking about how amazing it is to cross the finish line! Enjoy the weightlessness of the moment and let that feeling of accomplishment fill your entire body!

  • Some events have well over 1000 participants and other heats may still be competing after you’ve finished. Be considerate and stay out of the way.

  • Walk over to the register area and return the timing device that’s strapped around your ankle to the officials if you haven’t already returned it. Otherwise you will be charged for it!

  • You may or may not want to stick around for the awards ceremony. It’s a great social opportunity.

  • Be sure you have all of your belongings before you return to your car. Put all of your wet, smelly things into the trash bag to avoid stinking up your car or soiling your seats.

  • If you have someone with you, let them drive home. You will be tired!!!!

  • If you’re alone and have a short ride, drive home and take a nap. If you have a long ride, take a nap on the beach and then drive home.

  • Be sure to take your wet things out of the trash bag when you wake up or you will truly know what low tide smells like in your own house! Put your wet suit in the bath tub, rinse it off and hang it up to dry. Take off your bib number and pins and wash everything else.

  • Reward yourself with a great healthy meal and smile at the fact that you completed your first triathlon.

  • The numbers that are written on your body will be your personal souvenir. They come off after a few days of showering but tend to open the door for everyone to ask you about them. This is a great opportunity to practice your first triathlon story. They will be so impressed!

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There are Newbies Starting Triathlons Every Day. Today Just Happens to be YOUR Day!