Race Day - Triathlon Event Arrival

  • Remember where you parked your car! There can be hundreds or thousands of cars for you to look through if you don’t!
  • Be careful when parking. Some racers have brain-farts and lay down in open areas to stretch.
  • Some large races have you register the day before the race and all you have to remember is to bring your race packet with you the day of the race

  • If you are registering on the morning of the race, put your bike on the general racks and sign in. Bring your bag, race packet, photo ID and cash to the sign-in area.
  • Tell the registrar that you do not have an ankle timing device and ask where you fill out the information to rent one. This will cost money to rent and more money to lose. Strap it on your ankle as soon as you get it so that nothing happens to it. It’s purpose is to chart YOUR swim, bike and run splits and overall time. Give yourself some room in case your ankle swells during the race.

  • Tell the registrar that you are a new swimmer if you feel like it may be an issue. You will receive a colored bathing cap to wear that indicates to the lifeguards on the race course that you may need an extra eye.

  • Ask an organizer if the event allows wet suits or not. Some do and some don’t. You have your wet suit with you, so you are prepared either way.

  • Begin hydrating yourself. You will need the energy for the swim and you can then rehydrate yourself on the bike again.

  • Start chatting with the racers around you. Some may be brand new to the sport like you and others may be veterans. There’s always great conversation with both!

  • Go to the bathroom sooner than later. The longer you wait, the longer the line will be and the nastier the bathroom will be. You didn’t hear this from us, but If you don’t have enough time for the pot-o-potty, you can swim WAY out by yourself for a warm-up lap as a last option. Public health is a priority, so please try the port-o-potty first.

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