Race Day - Triathlon Run

  • GO! Your legs will feel like jelly. Everyone’s legs feel like jelly! It will pass.
  • You may think you look funny, but you don’t and your legs will get used to the run within a couple of minutes.
  • Cheer people on as they pass you or you pass them.
  • Cheer people on as they pass you or you pass them.
  • Enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you get into your pace.
    • In T2, make sure that you have your gear on right, that your shoes feel good, and take whatever nutrition you planned to take.  The extra 15 seconds will pay off.
    • Be careful and aware of road surfaces (i.e. potholes, gravel, etc…).

    • Be careful of traffic. Most races do not close down the roads entirely and you may have to share it with vechiles or cyclists completing their bike leg.

    • Let runners know when you plan to pass them if you are in tight quarters. Be sure there is enough room, pass on the “outside” and then get in front of them. This advice is for tighht quarters. normally, there is plenty of room to navigate.

    • Pass on the outside.

    • Drink water at stations. Take a cup and pour it over your head — it feels great!! Be careful it’s not gatoraid.

    • Actively relax your shoulders. Be conscious that you do not clench your fists or your jaw. Give your blood the opportunity to flow.

    • Pace yourself.  Everyone has a tendency to start out too fast in a run.  If you have a watch, make sure the first mile is at your desired pace.  After that, things should fall into pace and you will feel the groove.
    • If you find yourself struggling, “latch on” to someone who is running at your desired pace.  Just keep your eyes on them and try to stay close to them.  That will allow you to not overthink your pace, just stick with them.

f you are wearing clip-in cycling shoes, start taking your feet out of the shoes while you are still riding the bike. (be sure to practrice this before race day to avoid a crash)

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There are Newbies Starting Triathlons Every Day. Today Just Happens to be YOUR Day!