Race Day - Triathlon Transition 2 (T2), Bike to Run

  • Jog/walk bike inside the transition area to your bike spot. Hold the front of the bike firmly to avoid a jack-knife (when the front wheel turns sharply left or right and you fall over the bike).
  • It is illegal to ride your bike inside the transition area.
  • If you were wearing clip-in cycling shoes, leave your shoes clipped into the bike and jog/walk barefoot to your spot.
  • Put your bike on the rack (in the correct slot).
  • DO NOT GO INTO THE RESTROOM TO CHANGE; Do not put on underwear; Take your bike shorts off (leave your swim suite on); Put your running gear on over your suit. You can also simply run in your swim suit if you want — watch out for chaffing though. This advice is good for any triathlon shorter than an IronMan Distance Triathlon. If you were competing in an IronMan, you’d go into a changing facility and to change.

  • Put on your running sneakers if you don’t already have them on.

  • Take off your helmet.

  • Run/Jog out of the transition area

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