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General Triathlon Resources

Below is an archive of all general questions we've recieved along with all of the general resource articles we've posted. We're sure they will answer a majority of your questions, if not all!

Triathlon Key

Bike Resources

Triathlon QuestionPanic at the Triathlon Start - I had a panic attack in the water...

Triathlon QuestionAverage Triathlon Times - Could you tell me if my times are reasonable...

Triathlon QuestionGifts From The Heart For Downs - Let your used/lightly-used/new sneakers make a difference for children with Down Syndrome.

Triathlon ResourceTri It Out with Coach Liz Flynn (Maryland) - Check out this recommendation from a reader.

Triathlon QuestionSports Bras for the Well-Endowed Ladies - I fall into the Athena class of tri racers...and I am having an issue trying to figure out what to wear

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Racing Category - How do I know which group I should (race) in?

Triathlon QuestionMen's Triathlon Apparel - I'm doing my first triathlon next month...but i'm a bit worried about the apparel.

Triathlon QuestionOver the Cut-Off Triathlon Event Time - I will take longer than the 30 minutes that is allotted...

Triathlon QuestionBathroom Needs During a Triathlon Event - What happens if you have to go to the bathroom?

Triathlon Resource1000 Small Chain Ring Miles - Learn how to transition small bike workouts to big workouts with ease.

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Age Limits for Kids - My twelve year old daughter...is interested in participating in a mini triathalon - is there an age limit for participation?

Triathlon QuestionZoot Calf Sleeves in Water - If I wear them and they absorb water during the swim would they be ineffective?

Triathlon ResourceTapering for Triathlons - I wanted to know about tapering early in the season. Every program I have done shows about a week+ taper before a race

Triathlon ResourceHalfway through your first Triathlon Training - This is the first step in achieving what most of the population will never be able to do…SWIM, BIKE, RUN….back to back to back.

Triathlon QuestionTransition 1 for Men - I'm thinking of just pulling my bike shorts over my Speedo at T1. Will this be uncomfortable?

Triathlon Question Using Electronic Devices During Triathlon Events - While reading the USAT rules, saw that headphones, mp3s, etc are prohibited.

Triathlon ResourceSwimming with Ear Plugs - I thought that ears naturally built up a forcefield against the water over time and...

Triathlon QuestionSports Bras and Well-Endowed Triathletes - When do you change into it?

Triathlon QuestionCompeting in a Sprint Triathlon One week before an Olympic Triathlon - Should I not run the Sprint, or can I use it as a final "brick" training?

Triathlon QuestionIronman Cut-off Times - On a full Ironman how much time is given for each step of the race? How long for the whole thing? Start time and End time

Triathlon QuestionTraining for Marathons and Triathlons Simultaneously - I am battling to get the balance right with eating enough after my swim...

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Stores in Naples/Fort Myers Florida - Recommendations needed!

Triathlon QuestionBeginner Triathlete - Training in Five Months - I have been truly "bitten" by this thing they call the Tri-bug. I turn 40 next month and being shamefully honest I am in the worst shape of my life!

Triathlon QuestionWhat to Wear in Cold Weather Triathlons - Recommendations from a reader.

Triathlon NutritionNatural Cold Remedies From Your Kitchen Cabinet

Triathlon QuestionEffects of Stress on the Body - Low-level stress reduces your ability to burn calories and can minimize the flow of blood to the digestive tract by up to four times...

Triathlon ResourceWhy Muscles Hurt After Working Out -- Nutshell Version

Triathlon QuestionTraining for your First Sprint/Mini-Triathlon - I was wondering what kind of time frame is needed for training before your first triathlon.

Triathlon QuestionAverage Triathlon Times - I am a 70 year old female. Need to find the times for swim, bike run for my age group...

Triathlon QuestionDieting and Triathlon Training - My question is on the Zone Diet. Will I have enough energy for 530-6am trianing sessions?

Triathlon ResourceTriathlon Training Tip -
Off Season Training Focus

Triathlon ResourceCoaching Others, Coaching Yourself -
Inspiring words for the beginner triathlete

Triathlon NutritionA Winter Way Of Eating -
Healthy Food Flavor Suggestions for the Season

Triathlon NutritionPass the Salt - Learn the differences betweens salts and which one has the most nutrients for a healthy triathlon diet.

Triathlon ResourceThe Progression to Longer Distance Triathlons - A beginner triathlete guide to navigating triathlon distances

Triathlon NutritionHow You Cook Effects How You Feel - With the cooling temperatures of Fall, the vegetables we harvest are ones of a more grounding and warming nature.

Triathlon ResourceRecovery & Sprint Triathlon - There have been several of you that have had questions on recovery following a sprint distance triathlon. Here are some basic guidlines to follow.

Triathlon ResourceTriathlon Race Recovery Time - I just finished my first triathlon at age 51. I competed in the sprint distance. How long of a recovery should someone take after a race?

Triathlon InspirationTriathlon Song Video and Inspirational Triathlon
Words by the Songwriter

Triathlon ResourceRecovery is Key, A Detailed Strategy for the Beginner Triathlete - Nutrition, rest and hydration are major factors in any athlete’s program for success, but have you examined yours carefully?

Triathlon Resource15 Tips for New Triathletes That Will
Shave Time Off Your Next Race

Triathlon ResourceConnecting the Dots - Are you satisfied with your race results? Do you feel like there's something missing in your training that's keeping you from performing at your best; speed workouts, long days, etc?

Triathlon ResourceDon't always rely on "Gadgets" to train - As we grow as triathletes so does the need or want for more sophisticated gadget/gear that aids in this progression.

Triathlon NutritionChoosing Living Food - When choosing food it is helpful to ask yourself the question "How close is this food to its original source of life?

Triathlon ResourceIron Gifts - You’ll feel so proud of yourself for completing the thing that you’ll want more of it…because it makes you feel good!

Triathlon QuestionSuggestions on Trainnig Guides for Brand New Beginners - Do yuo have any suggestions on trainnig guides for brand new beginners, or groups in Peoria AZ?

Triathlon Question"Smashing" From Merseyside, England - Your website is just amazing nearly all of my questions have been answered

Triathlon NutritionAre You For Real? Choosing a healthy diet means choosing a natural diet. Natural foods come in various forms...

Triathlon NutritionGot Milk? Milk has become a hot topic in the world of health and wellness. Some believe dairy to be the healthiest of foods while others believe it to be a major culprit of disease.

Triathlon QuestionNutrition and Triathlon - I need advice on diet and what to eat. I signed up for my first Sprint Tri September 11th.

Triathlon QuestionWhat Do I Wear - im running a sprint race in a week....im having a hard time figuring out what to wear? do i wear my swim suit? do i wear running spandex under my swim suit?

Triathlon QuestionGiving It Your Best Shot - I finished!! My time was 2:45:48 - not a great time, but I was just so happy to have made it

Triathlon QuestionTrisuits - I'm a real newbie - only 14 years old, and I wanted to know what tri suits were meant to be worn for? Do you wear them for all three legs?

Triathlon QuestionWhat to Wear for a Mini-triathlon - Do I swim, bike and run with a swimwuit on and shorts? What do I wear!?

Triathlon QuestionWhat to wear for a Mini-Triathlon: T1 - Do most girls just throw on a tight tank top over their wet bathing suit and wear their suit the whole time?

Triathlon QuestionKnowing When to Invest in the Sport - I am trying to keep my costs down until I determine if I want to continue doing tri's

Triathlon QuestionSupporting "The Two Girls", A GREAT Bra for Triathletes - I am a 36DD and can't find anything supportive enough to wear to swim , bike and run. Any suggestions?

Triathlon QuestionTrisuits - Do Trisuits keep you dry (like drysuits) after swimming session, or simply dry quickly?

Triathlon QuestionI Don't Know What to Wear - I am doing my first triathlon this weekend and I don't know what to wear!

Triathlon QuestionIs there Anything I Can Wear that is a One Stop Shop? I am doing my first tri on the 12th of Sept. Is there anything i can wear that is a one stop shop. Can wear the same thing for the swim, bike, and run?

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Gear Shopping - I am just getting into triathlon and see many things towear/not wear at your first tri but cannot find anywhere that says whatnational stores

Triathlon QuestionTri suits, gear questions and a great tri tip - Would a trisuit be appropriate to wear for the whole event? Worried about being too hot and chaffing!

Triathlon QuestionWhat to wear for a mini-triathlon - i am about to do a triathlon and have no idea about what to where on the day..

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Over 50 - Is there a mini triatholon competition for the over 50? I can\'t jog because of my knees but I enjoy walking.

Triathlon QuestionSwim, Bike and Kayak - I am planning on doing my first Tri which is a 3 mile kayak for the water portion. I'm wondering what type of kayak I should buy for these types of triathlons?

Triathlon QuestionBike, Swim, Kayak or Walk in Ontario - I'd like to try a mini triatholon. I can bike, swim, kayak , walk but I can't run. Would you let me know if there's a race I could do in Ontario Canada?

Triathlon QuestionCrisis of Confidence - HELP!! Doing my 1st tri on Sun. I'm very scared and nervous about the swim.

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Coach in Orlando - Can you recommend a coach here in Orlando for a person who is exercising but not running yet, needs to learn how to swim and get a tri bike??

Triathlon QuestionEncouraging Tips - Whenever I think I can't do my first sprint triathlon in June, I read your encouraging tips and suggestions and regain my confidence.

Triathlon QuestionBalancing life with Triathlon Training - I am about 15 lbs heavier than I prefer, and have pains after a few miles in side, hips, and sometime calves and legs. I am training to run a half marathon in July and a triathlon in August, and would like advice.

Triathlon QuestionDiabetes and Triathlon - Do you have any suggestions on how I can maintain nutrition both during my training and the race, that will not adversely affect my diabetes??

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Blogs - I am a 53 year old vertically and horizontally challenged (5\'0 / 160.2 lbs) female desk jockey preparing for my first (hopefully of many!) mini triathlons

Triathlon QuestionHealthy Lifestyles Through Triathlons - One of my lifetime goals has been to participate in (at least) a minitriathalon, and more recently to do it before turning 45.

Triathlon QuestionHealthy Lifestyles Through Triathlons - One of my lifetime goals has been to participate in (at least) a minitriathalon, and more recently to do it before turning 45.

Triathlon QuestionPurely for Self Gratification and Accomplishment - I am deploying to Iraq for my second combat tour with the infantry. This is something I want to do purely for self gratification and accomplishment. I guess my only question is do you think I will be able to finish.

Triathlon QuestionBrand New and Ready to Get in Shape! I am very out of shape--yet, I've worked out on and off my whole life.

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Plan for a Healthy 2010 - I want to get healthier for the new year and maybe do a triathlon this summer. Do you have any suggestions that can help me?

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Specific Diets - I am having a hard time finding a general outline for a regualar daily diet. Where do I start on what and how much intake.

Triathlon QuestionWhat are the Age Groups in a Triathlon Race? I am a 57 year old college student my question is: are there age groups?

Triathlon QuestionAbove and Beyond Triathlon Race Organizers - Several "what to expect" clinics have been offered in addition to race site swim clinics...all free of charge!

Triathlon QuestionTriathaLadies: Healthy Triathlon Dinner - I am participating with a group of friends in our first mini triathlon. We are gathering from all over the west and the only time we have to get together is the night before the event after the orientation. What do you suggest I serve for dinner?

Triathlon QuestionSprint, Olympic or Ironman Distance for a First-timer - Should I stick with the sprint and then do an international after more practice

Triathlon QuestionI just finished my first mini-triathlon - I just finished my first mini-triathlon ... with just a few bumps in the road.

Triathlon QuestionI'm doing my first mini triathlon tomorrow!!! Its a 70 m swim, 9.5 mile bike, and 2 mile run. I\'m super nervous and was wondering if you had any last minute tips.

Triathlon QuestionGale Bernhardt Training Programs - Help! My first triathalon is in October and I don't know where to begin when it comes to training. Do you have a beginniners training 3-month schedule?

Triathlon QuestionLate Summer/Early Fall Triathlons in New York - I want more info about what's coming up in August or Sept.

Triathlon QuestionWhere do I begin? I haven't officially started training for triathlons yet.  I haven't even figured out what kind of bike I am going to get yet

Triathlon QuestionFall Triathlons in Maryland - I am looking for a mini treathlon near the Maryland area for the early fall.  Can you suggest any?

Triathlon NutritionThe Food Pyramid: What Should You Eat?!
You're Navigation Guide

Triathlon NutritionEnhancing Metabolism Through The Power of Breath -
Did you know that you could control your stress levels?

Triathlon QuestionI am doing my first mini triathlon!! I am 42 and am just preparing to start training for my first mini tri in September. I have a questions about the swim to bike transition. Do women remove their swimsuits, or put bike/run wear over them?

Triathlon NutritionBreaking The 100 Year Diet Cycle Article - In modern-day culture, being healthy is commonly associated with dieting. This is somewhat ironic since most diets leave us starved emotionally or physically. How did we come to believe that struggle and deprivation equal vitality and health?

Triathlon NutritionThe Temptations of Ego - As the end of January approaches, it becomes more difficult for many of us to keep our New Year's resolutions. Fearing change we may begin to make excuses to keep us repeating old patterns.

Triathlon QuestionStretching Tips for Sore Muscles - So I'm in the middle of my training for my first mini-triathlon and I\'m finding I'm sore most of the time. Do you have any stretching tips?

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Distances - How long is a sprint race? What does the race consist of?

Triathlon QuestionMini-Triathlons for Kids - Can you give me any tips for training for a triathlon, and helping me convince my parents i can do one? I'm thinking of training for a year or two first... generally cary tri clothing.

Triathlon NutritionThe Intuitive Source of Eating - Leanring How to eat by understanding how our brains work

Triathlon NutritionEat Your Attitude? There is no doubt that diet plays a huge role in our health. Our food choices provide the nutrients from which our bodies build and sustain themselves. If eating junk food, a “junk body” results.

Triathlon NutritionFire Your Metabolism with Breath - A calorie is simply a measure of heat that is released when something is burned. The amount of energy, or heat, that is released from the foods we eat is the measurement of how many calories those foods contain.

Triathlon QuestionCanadian Friends - I am JUST starting out and wondering how important is it that I get tri-bars on my bike and clipless pedals on my bike? They are expensive and I am a little nervous about using them.

Triathlon QuestionTraining Groups in Hillcrest KZN, South Africa - I'm a mom in Hillcrest KZN, South Africa looking for anyone else in the area that are already training or thinking of training for a triathlon.

Triathlon QuestionHow Do I Know I'm Ready? I'm a gym rat and am in good shape. I put hundreds of miles on my bike, my swim is ok and my running is improving but is tough.

Triathlon QuestionBroken Toe - I recently broke my 4th toe and am scheduled to do my first sprint tri in 3 weeks. I have been training and can still bike but currently ahve a lot of pain walking and have not ran at all. Any info on how long it\'ll take to heal and suggestions about running with the pain.

Triathlon NutritionAre You Living on the Edge? While we may recognize how an emotional state can lead to certain eating habits, we haven’t paid much attention to how the foods themselves can create certain emotions or stress.

Triathlon QuestionMother and Daughter Team - My daughter and I are interested in training for our first mini-triathlon

Please take a few minutes to look through these articles and feel free emial us if you have any questions.

You can do it!
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Beginner Triathlete Basics

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How do I Train for a Triathlon?

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Triathlon QuestionTop Ten Newbie Mistakes - They say the best way to learn is to make mistakes. As a newbie and Clydesdale, in my first year of competing I've made my share of mistakes Here is my Top ten list of Newbie mistakes

Triathlon NutritionNourishment of Quality - No matter what you eat, choose the highest quality of that food. Eating quality foods is the best strategy we can use to improve our health and lives as well as the health of our planet.

Triathlon NutritionThe "Natural" Choice - When walking down the aisles of a supermarket it can be very confusing to figure out what we should eat in order to be maximally healthy. The shelves are stocked with edible food-like substances packaged in pretty boxes and decorated with endless amounts of "health claim" advertisements.

Triathlon QuestionStarting a Triathlon Team - I am trying to find out information about joining or starting a women's Triathlon Team

Triathlon QuestionTriathlons and Water Quality Concerns - The swim is taking place in a man-made, stagnant water lake with water temps in the mid 80s. I am concerned about dangerous amoeba bacteria in the lake.

Triathlon QuestionKnee Surgery and Triathlon Training - I have had complete knee joint replacement of both knees in May of 07

Triathlon QuestionWetsuit and Transition 1 (T1) Tips - After an ocean swim where do you put your wet suit and what should be worn under it?

Triathlon NutritionHo Ho Ho Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz - With more obligations, less sleep and a natural attempt of our body to slow down, we may be feeling the need for an extra boost of energy

Triathlon QuestionNausea and Swimming - Everything is going fine except that I feel nauseous in the middle of the swim every time.

Triathlon QuestionFirst-Time Triathlon Fears - I have read just about every article you have posted..I now know that I'm normal with my fears!

Triathlon QuestionTriathlons and the Physically Challenged - I'm starting to train and a workout would be helpful. I plan on doing it in a year so I have a little bit of time. I'm 120ibs and already do 6 miles on the stationary bike and one mile on the treedmill walking.

Triathlon QuestionReplacing Strength Training with Yoga - Can one hour of yoga count as strength or do I need to do a sculpting class or free weights?

Triathlon QuestionPreparing for the Swim as a Marathoner - I am not a good swimmer and currently cannot swim continuously in the pool.

Triathlon QuestionTriathlon Newbies: From No Clue to Training with Ease - Do you have a day by day training for a REAL newbie? I am just starting to workout. Can swim about 8 laps only, run about 1 mile! Need help. thanks so much.

Triathlon QuestionSnacking - When it comes to snacking, there are various views on whether or not it’s beneficial to health. Some theories say snacking is bad as it never gives the stomach time to fully rest and completely digest its previous meal and that snacking between meals leads to weight gain.

Triathlon Question Dieting Culture - There are two things that disturb me when I think of diets: I don't believe diets marketed to an entire population are effective. Each person is unique, with different needs based on gender, age, ancestry and lifestyle; how can one diet be right for everyone?

Triathlon QuestionReady for an Ironman - Ok so my question is about when do you decide you are ready for a full Iron Distance Tri?

Triathlon QuestionAverage Triathlon Times - I would like to know, in general, what the race times are like (fast and slow) for a mini triathlon In my case it will be a .5 mile swim 12 mile bike and 5K run.

Triathlon QuestionWhere to Begin - Where do I get started and when would I be physically able to enter one?

Triathlon QuestionCut-off Race Times - I am considering a full ironman. My swim is really slow. Do these races have swim cutoff times that you have to be in by? If so, what is it?

Triathlon QuestionThe Temptations of Ego - As the end of January approaches, it becomes more difficult for many of us to keep our New Year's resolutions. Fearing change we may begin to make excuses to keep us repeating old patterns.

Triathlon QuestionThe Intuitive Source of Eating - Leanring How to eat by understanding how our brains work

Triathlon QuestionSeasonal Nutrition for Triathletes - As a triathlete, should I be changing my diet through the year depending on my training? Like eating more protein in the winter, more carbohydrate in the summer, etc? In other words, do I change my diet throughout the training year?

Triathlon NutritionPlay More Eat Less - Do you remember being a child and getting so wrapped up in creative play that you didn’t want to stop when it was time to eat or left your meal half-finished to get back to your game?

Triathlon NutritionThe Pros of Protein - What is Protein? Protein is found throughout the body. It is in muscle, bone, skin, hair, and virtually every other body part...

Triathlon QuestionAverage Triathlon Times - What is the "AVERAGE" times for a first time S-B-R for a mini tri?

Triathlon QuestionBrick Training - I havent really trained multiple sports at a time or super long distances. Would you recommend that in the next few weeks, or do most people just find a way to pull it all together on race day?

Triathlon NutritionFood Focus: Water - Most of us are aware of the importance of drinking sufficient water. With the body made up of 75% water, it is essential that we continuously replenish this source. Drinking more water helps all of the body’s systems to run smoothly, enabling our organs to comfortably perform their functions. When the body is too dry it contracts.

Triathlon NutritionDid you know that you could control your stress levels as well as achieve your ideal weight by simply learning to breathe deeply? I think it is safe to say that in life we all have stress which we need to address. What many of us do not realize is that breathing is a major factor in controlling stress: It can either relieve it or create it.

Triathlon QuestionGREAT SITE!!

Triathlon QuestionCanadian Friends - I know i am from Canada but i was wondering exactly how long is a mini triathlon the running,biking and swimming??

Triathlon QuestionWorkout Suggestions - I am thinking of doing a mini or half iron man next year.

Triathlon QuestionI am doing my first mini triathlon!! Ok..I am doing it..I am doing my first mini triathlon!! I am 48, in good physical shape and pumped to achieve my goal of finishing this event. I have read your website over and over and keep referring to it for information and inspiration.

There are Newbies Starting Triathlons Every Day. Today Just Happens to be YOUR Day!

Triathlon Key: E equals Events, I equals Inspirational, N equals Nutrition, ? equals Question and R equals Resource

Triathlon ResourcePennsylvania Triathlon - Connellsville Parks and Recreation Triathlon - Great sprint triathlon for beginners!

Triathlon ResourceNew York Triathlon - Brooklyn Sports Club Mini Indoor Triathlon - This unique indoor event is perfect for first-timers
Triathlon QuestionIs My Bike Ready for a Triathlon? ...My concern is I will start ramping up my training and my bike won't last...

Triathlon QuestionBuying a Triathlon Bike - Learn how to buy the right bike without breaking the bank from experts in the field

Triathlon QuestionRunning: Good for the Body and the Brain - Could running make you smarter? The answer may surprise you.

Triathlon QuestionWalking Instead of Running in a Triathlon - The race promoters presented an award to a 69 year old female who had had 2 knee replacements...
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Triathlon EventNew York Triathlon - Brooklyn Sports Club Mini Indoor Triathlon - This unique indoor event is perfect for first-timers

Triathlon EventGeorgia Triathlon - Tri for the Shelter Sprint Triathlon - USAT sanctioned, This triathlon takes place in the gorgeous Rocky Mountain Recreation...

    Triathlon InspirationMy First Triathlon, Nicholas D'Angelo - It was the end of my life as I knew it and the beginning of the beginning. I decided that I wanted to live. I wanted to be a better husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend...

Triathlon InspirationFirst Triathlon Story - Greg H. from Texas - just to raise your arms at the finish line and know that you accomplished a triathlon is such a great feeling.

Triathlon ResourceAge Groups - Can you tell me why the age groups are 25 to 34 ... while most races use 20 to 29, 30 to 39, and 40 to 49?

Triathlon ResourceWhat to Wear for a Triathlon - Is it insane to think I can bike/run in shorts and a sports bra that I swam in?

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