triathlon stories

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Triathlon Stories

If you are thinking about competing in a triathlon and looking for some inspiration, we have great stories written by beginner triathletes that will surely get you from your couch to the starting line. View our Triathlete Profile section to read interviews from some of our other readers

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Triathlon Swim : – Get the low-down on gear and read tips for training and events.

Triathlon Bike: – Learn how to structure bike workouts, find safety tips and read recommendations on great bike gear.

Triathlon Run : – Get the ultimate skinny on running sneakers, running gear, safety tips and much more.

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  1. My “First Triathlon” Story – Go Me! finished my first triathlon today – the Wheat Ridge (CO) triathlon. In the last year I’ve lost 60 pounds and I started training for this in about January.

  2. My “First Triathlon” Story: From Plantar Fasciitis to the Finish Line – My fears were validated when the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis was confirmed, November 2005. My running days were over–it hurt to…

  3. My “First Triathlon” Story: I Did It!!!I finished my first mini-triathlon…with just a few bumps in the road.

  4. My “First Triathlon” Story: From Sprint to Half IronMan –I was a pack a day smoker then, had been for a few years. I signed up for the triathlon less than a month before it.

  5. Inspiration for ALL TriathaNewbies!Testimonial written by Gwendolyn from New York. I did it! I really didn’t know what….

  6. My First Tri Story My friend, Moira Muldoon, called late February saying she was going to do the Danskin (again) and did I want to join…

  7. Your First Mini-Triathlon Spectator Event If you are going to your first mini-triathlon here is some advice to help. Expect to get up…

  8. My “First Triathlon” Story: Now I’m Hooked I just finished my first sprint triathalon. I was super happy to finish 3rd in my age category

  9. My “First Triathlon” Story: The Race Within the Race So as I was riding, a girl passed me who I thought looked very strong and someone for me to keep up with or in the best case- someone to beat…

  10. My “First Triathlon” Story: Thanks for All of Your Help It was an experience I will never forget, and I am already contemplating another.

  11. My “First Triathlon” Story: I Finished the Race!I was pretty nervous when I saw how far the buoys looked, but I knew that would happen from reading articles on this site.

  12. My “First Triathlon” Story – I will do some more novice races I loved it so much, i’ve signed up for another one next month!! Two members of my family have also been inspired to ‘try tri’! Going to invest in a tri …