Triathlons and Races Near Me

Triathlons and Races Near Me

Training for a triathlon is just the first step in your new journey. Finding a race is every bit as important.  Use our tool below to help decide which race you will put on your calendar this season!

What To Look For In A Race:

Finding the right is part art and part science.  The ideal triathlon or running race will be in a location that is convenient and a timeframe that works.  Here are a few quick pointers to consider:

  • Find a Convenient Location: While some people like to do what we call a “destination race”, more often it is important to race in a location convenient to you.  With the tool above, you can search by city or zip to make sure you will not be driving too far to the race.
  • Consider a “Destination”: While convenience is usually key, it is nice to go to a race that features a setting that is an attraction in and of itself. Perhaps you live near a state park or a coastal area that does a race — such destinations can add to the memories.
  • Find a Date that Works in Your Calendar:  This might go without saying, but a day that works well in your schedule is perhaps the most important factor in choosing a race.  Be sure that you won’t be at an all-night party the evening before, or that you don’t need to be packing for a huge trip the morning of the race.
  • Find a Date that Aligns with Your Training Plan:  People forget about this one.  Look for a date that fits well with your training plan.  If you want the month before the race to be your “peak”, then think twice about a race that comes right after a month of extra heavy workload at work.
  • Give Yourself Enough Time to Train:  Let’s say a friend convinces you to do a Triathlon with him/her, but you realize that race is only 45 days away.  Don’t do it – you will risk overtraining and injury.  We like a minimum of 100 Days for Training (here is a great 100 Day Training Plan Book).
  • Think about Race Size.  Some races are massive events with thousands of people.  For some, it is a perfect fit with the energy and buzz.  Other races are more subdued, perhaps 200 people with a common interest.  More of a neighborhood feel.  Know which one you are getting yourself in to.
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