Wasting Time DuringTransition 1 (T1)

Triathlon Event  I am competing in my first HIM (and my first triathlon of any sort to be honest) and was wondering if you could shed some light on gear. I have read a couple of posts but the crux of my question is how much time am I likely to waste by putting bib shorts and a bike top over my speedo for the cycle and then running shorts and a vest for the run. The alternate would be to buy a one piece but worried about thinner padding, would rather not spend cash and won´t wear a wetsuit so concerned about drag from pockets. I am not trying to break a world record and am more interested in comfort but don´t want to waste too much time.

James from South Africa

Triathlon Event  Hi James,
Thank you for contacting TriathaNewbie.com!

Honestly, this is your first triathlon and you are going to waste time doing a lot of unforeseen things…and that’s ok! That’s how you learn for race #2. If you are really concerned with wasting time on your gear, consider wearing your speedo for the swim and just adding cycling shorts for the bike portion. Instead of taking them off for the run, run with them on. Try it during a practice before–hand so that you can if it’s something that works for you.

If you aren’t sold on that solution, we suggest that you get a trisuit. There is less padding, but training with it on can toughen up your backside. Where this is only a mini-triathlon, the distance isn’t that bad. You should be able to get through it with minimal butt-soreness.

Please let us know what you end up doing and also tell us about the experience. We’re sure your story will inspire someone else to try a triathlon!

Be well.
TriathaNewbie.com staff

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