Is My Bike Ready for a Triathlon?

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I am trying to figure out what to wear for my tri, this is my current thought process…am I crazy or on the right path. I’ll be doing a tri in Chicago in August, so Lake Michigan (cold) and midwest summer (hot).

Planning on wearing sports bra and bike shorts under shorty wetsuit for swim. Wetsuit off on run to T1, throw on a tech shirt and shoe for bike and wear the same thing for run. Is it insane to think I can bike/run in shorts and a sports bra that I swam in? It seems wet and maybe like bike shorts would have a wet diaper feel. I’m not wanting to invest in a tri-suit and I am NOT running/biking in a swim suit. thoughts?

Mel from California

Triathlon Event

Hi Mel,

Thank you for contacting TriathaNewbie.com.

We think that biking and running in a wet bra and bike shorts isn’t the way to go.
Take a peek at this page we’ve put together for everyone that has asked us this same question. There are illustrations and a specific advice on what to wear for each leg of the triathlon.

Email us with any other questions.
Be well.
TriathaNewbie.com staff

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